PREVIO® Saludine

Hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer for the treatment of drinking water and surfaces that come into contact with it. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing and disinfectant agent, which does not have several of chlorine’s disadvantages, like the smell or the ability to produce chloramines, which are substances with a strong irritating effect. Its composition allows it to completely eradicate the biofilm from the drinking water pipe systems and prevent its reappearance, thus controlling the onset of diarrhea in farming animals. It is a scale inhibitor and controls corrosion.

PREVIO® Saludine provides an excellent efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses, granting complete water sanitation.

PREVIO® Saludine is recommended to sanitize drinking water in ponds, tanks and to clean drinking water storage and distribution systems.


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Excipients: q.s.p. 100%, Hydrogen peroxide: 50%


1,200 kg., 24 kg., 240 kg.

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