Emulsifiable concentrated insecticide and acaricide effective for combating all kind of pest insects affecting livestock, like flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, scabs, etc at a very low cost. ARPON-G can be used to treat premises, yards, stables, kennels, piggeries as well as livestock transportation vehicles.

Its active ingredient, cypermethrin, is a contact insecticide belonging to the type II pyrethroid group, which are characterized by containing an alpha – cyano group in its molecule. The type II pyrethroids principally affect the Sodium channels in the nerve membrane, and cause a prolonged duration of the transitory increase in the permeability of the membrane to Na during nerve stimulation. This action causes a quick paralysis to the insect. Cypermethrin has a quick and persistent effect.


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Cypermetrin (40:60): 9.85%

Uso en entorno ganadero: nº reg



1 l., 100 ml., 250 ml., 5 l.


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