PARASITAL® ANTIMOSQUITO BRACELET is an innovative product that protects against the nuisance that mosquito bites can cause. Its powerful repellent effect can keep mosquitoes (and the diseases they can transmit) away in an easy, convenient and effective way. Just by placing a bracelet around your wrist or ankle you will enjoy its prolonged protection.

Its formula and convenience makes it ideal to use in any environment since, with a single action a long lasting and effective protection is ensured. Its use provides a protective “halo” that last for up to 4 weeks without the need to apply lotions or liquids constantly.

It can be used around the wrist or ankle. Uncoil the bracelet and pass it through the guide to the buckle. Adjust without setting it too tight and fix the end with the loop. The bracelet provides protection for a maximum of 4 weeks.



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