SANITAS® Neozital

SANITAS® Neozital is a broad spectrum disinfectant that, due to its active ingredient, peracetic acid, yields an excellent disinfectant effect at very low concentrations. Its very powerful formula ensures the elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses, but it is at the same time completely biodegradable, thus not polluting the environment.

It is a very capable product, which can be used for a complete disinfection of all kinds of premises and buildings used in livestock, poultry and rabbit farming, kennels and other facilities used in animal husbandry. It can also be used for the disinfection of equipment and machinery, in veterinary practices (animal housing areas, cages, etc.) and in slaughterhouses (animal stabling areas).


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Peracetic acid: 5%, Hydrogen peroxide: 25.27%


5 kg.

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