ZOTAL® D is a disinfectant, fungicide and deodorant indicated for general disinfection of all types of enclosures and homes. With excellent activity in the presence of organic matter, it eliminates all types of harmful germs and eliminates unpleasant odours.

ZOTAL® D is approved under registration number 18-20/40-09572 by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality.



ZOTAL® D in its domestic register can be used in warehouses, barracks, patios, chalets, cottages and other public or private facilities. Due to its disinfectant action and characteristic smell it eliminates unpleasant smells, providing a hygienic and clean environment.

It should be applied in ventilated areas. Emulsify the liquid (diluted in water) 5% for watering and washing surfaces (walls, floors, etc.). The emulsion must be removed before use. In toilets, urinals, latrines, etc. it can be used pure (undiluted).


The disinfectant ZOTAL® D owes its action to its content in synthetic phenols, giving it microbicidal, fungicidal and deodorizing properties. For its effective use it is necessary to dilute it with water and apply by contact. The rest of the components favour the disinfectant and bactericidal action.  This favours cleaning and ensures that the product is wetted and penetrates, thus achieving greater efficiency.


ZOTAL® D is used 5% emulsified in water (dissolved) in watering and washing. It can also be applied by rubbing (brush, broom, etc.), soaking or spraying. It is recommended for disinfecting those places that may harbor microbes, exerting its active ingredients a synergic and persistent action.

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Aromatic hydrocarbons, C9-C12, distillation of benzene and excipients c.s.p. 100%, Biphenyl-2-ol 4%, Chlorocresol 0.9%, Glycolic acid 0.1 %


250 gr., 500 gr., 1 kg., 5 kg.

Nº reg.



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